That Improve Patient Care And Safety

Full Spectrum Solutions

Mac Productions MSG offers a full spectrum of solutions for the healthcare marketplace.  Our mission is to offer products and services that improve patient care and safety. independence for you, peace of mind for your family.

Medical Alert Systems

Regain independence for yourself and peace of mind for your family.  With our Medical Alert System 


When you press the Medical Alert button, the system automatically and instantaneously contacts our US-based Medical Alert Monitoring center.


Our agents are EMT/EMD-Certified trained and prepared to respond to any emergency around-the-clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Once connected, our EMT/EMD-Certified agents will answer the call, with your Personal Profile already on their computer screen. They know who you are, and where you are located.

The operator will speak to you over the 2-way voice console and ask if you need help. You’ll tell us what you need and we’ll take it from there, contacting a neighbor or family member, or emergency services if required. We then contact the people on your emergency list including neighbors, family members, loved ones, care givers, or anyone you designate.

In an emergency, we send SMS Text messages to your contacts with cell phones, in addition to calling them. This provides the fastest way to notify your family and caregivers of the situation. And they can reply to the text messages, letting our monitoring center know they are on the way, request to cancel the dispatch, or provide any updates.

With Medical Care Alert, you’ll get one of our state-of-the-art 2-way voice communication systems that best meets your individual needs. Our systems are easy to use and operate…yet have sophisticated technology to protect you in an emergency.

We offer three types of medical alert systems:


  • h-top-home
  • Real-Time-Location-System
  • rtls-southend-nhs-hospital
  • unnamed

Resident and Patient Tracking Systems

Patient Safety

Creating a safe patient environment can have a meaningful impact on care-delivery and your bottom-line. Healthcare organizations face an increasing challenge to provide a safe and comfortable environment for nurses and patients. New Era’s integrated solutions can help your organization reduce risk and empower caregivers to focus on their patients and create positive outcomes.  Request a FREE consultation today

Access Control

Provide enhanced security and safety for your physical and intellectual property with our extensive portfolio of access control solutions, all of which fully integrate with your video, access, panic, fire, and intrusion solutions. Our access control systems provide enhanced security and safety for physical and intellectual property and work in concert with panic alarms and video surveillance. test.  Request a FREE consultation today

SMS Text Messages Upon Dispatch

To everyone on your emergency contact list.

Access Control

Enhanced Safety And Security For Staff And Patients

Patient Safety

Creating A Safe Patient Enviornment


Our Monitoring Centers


Our Centers Are Fully Redundant

Two Monitoring Centers

New York and California Both Fully Redundant

They know how to handle emergencies

EMT/EMD Certified Operators

They know how to handle emergencies


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