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Need extra money but you don’t have the extra time it takes to make it.  Have we got a program for you.  We’re calling it #sidehustle.  The program is simple, when you find some that’s interested in the services listed below.  You simply text a special word to our servers, and we’ll reply back with a contact form.  Complete the form and press send.  And we’ll handle the rest.  We’ll keep you informed regarding the status of your lead.  And when it closes we’ll pay you via PayPal or the CashApp.  You can track the status of your submitted leads here

  • Sidehustle – Texting this textword to 1.216.503.8570 allows you to become a hustler
  • Fishon – Texting this textword to 1.216.503.8570 allows you to  submit a hustle
  • Free Website – $25 per activated website. installation. Same day payout.
  • Bill Payment Centers – $25 per approved bill payment center.  30 days after customers location goes live.
  • Credit Card Processing – $100 per approved lead.  commission is paid 30 days after the customer goes live.
  • Business Financing  – 10% of the upfront fees collected.  So if a loan required a $2,500 deposit, then you earn $250.  .  Commission is paid out 30 days after loan has been funded

More products and services coming soon!!


It’s time to hustle!!


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“Tuum negotium est passion.  Negotium, et vestram libidinem noster”